Want to work for us?

JB Management is a family run business who have been trading for over 20 years, we pride ourselves on our welcolming, friendly working environment and this results in a low turnover of staff which in turn encourages the family atmosphere.

Reasons for choosing a family business:

  • Common ethos and values giving extra sense of purpose and competitive edge for business.
  • Have strong commitment, putting in extra hours to ensure success
  • Loyalty - stick together in hard times and show determination to succeed
  • Building for future generations-encouraging long term thinking for growth
  • Better understanding and embracing of work/life balance - therefore more flexibility

What do we look for in our employees?

  • Diligence
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty

What do we offer in return?

An excellent package, including competitive salary, generous annual leave allowance, company pension scheme, company car (according to job-role)
JB Management thrives on teamwork and every effort is made to ensure harmony within the various groups. This is achieved in the work situation by strong leadership, excellent communication, discernment on the part of management - avoiding the "square peg" scenario, and developing an ethos of justice and motivation.

The company also encourages teambuilding out-with the work situation by organising charity events, quizzes, Christmas festivities, Birthday observance etc.

JB Management also focuses on the individual, welcoming and respecting differences.

We aim to treat all employees with respect and dignity and nurture potential with acknowledgement, praise and continuous professional development.

JB Management has a robust policy of inspiring achievement and empowering individuals through training and regular staff meetings which provide not only an insight into the business plans, aims and ambitions of the company, but also defines and clarifies the individual job- role and the impact they can have on the achievement of company goals.

JB Management has an appraisal and performance review system and is committed to rewarding excellence and success. This may be done by praise, promotion, extra leave, use of company timeshare or financial incentive or sometimes all of the above.