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Are you an employer thinking of taking on a Modern Apprentice?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below:

  • What are the advantages of the Modern Apprenticeship programme for an employer?

    Apprentices can bring a breath of fresh air to your team, enthusiasm and ideas which could help and motivate the rest of the team.  Apprentices can be trained to fill the roles needed to grow a business and can develop into an integral part of the team.  Employers of all company sizes support young people by offering Modern Apprenticeships.  In return, Apprentices can prove to be a sound investment, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity.

    Employers may be eligible to receive financial support to fully meet the costs of the training including a bonus for mentoring duties.  

    Visit  Skills Development Scotland's website for up to date information on current incentives for employers to switch onto the Modern Apprenticeship programme. 

  • How much will a Modern Apprentice cost my organisation?

    Modern Apprentices are employees and you will have to pay the Apprentice hourly rate.   Click here for more details.  

  • Where does the funding for the SVQ come from?

    JB Management has secured funding from  Skills Development Scotland.  

    This funding is heavily focused on apprentices aged 16-19 and 20-24.  There may be limited spaces on our adult 25+ programmes depending on the learners industry, employer and desired qualification.