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Are you a parent who would like to know more about Modern Apprenticeships for your child? 

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below:

  • What is a Modern Apprenticeship?

    Apprenticeships are an ideal way of gaining a qualification in addition to valuable work experience.  A Modern Apprentice is classed as an employee.  The main benefit of the programme is that the learner can earn as they learn.  

    A Modern Apprenticeship is a structured program of on the job training and assessment leading to an SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualification).  

    JB Management currently work with Skills Development Scotland who provide funding for our Modern Apprenticeship programmes.

    We welcome learners who are already in employment and jobseekers alike.  

    Apprenticeship vacancies can be found here.

  • Who funds the Apprenticeship?

    Apprentices do not pay anything towards an Apprenticeship, the employer will pay the apprentices wages as they are their employee.  The employer will also provide the necessary on the job training and one of JB Management's occupationally competent assessors will visit the apprentice at work regularly to carry out the various assessments.  If the apprentice is aged 16-24, they may be eligible for Modern Apprenticeship funding through Skills Development Scotland.

    Visit  Skills Development Scotland's website for more information. 

  • How long does it take?

    The length of an Apprenticeship varies depending on the prior skills levels of the Apprentice, the qualification, the apprentice's job role and the employer.  Suggested completion times for a level 2 SVQ is six months and for a level 3 SVQ is twelve months. 

  • How is learning achieved through an apprenticeship?

    JB Management provides the learning framework, while the employer provides the valuable on the job training and experience.  A Modern Apprentice will follow a framework agreed by The Sector Skills Council for the relevant industry.  JB Management will regularly assess apprentices to ensure they are working towards achieving the qualification.  

  • What are the advantages of an apprenticeship for a young person?

    Apprentices start to earn while working towards a valuable and recognised qualification.


  • Will my son or daughter's participation in the Modern Apprenticeship Programme affect my benefits?

    JB Management cannot advise individuals in this area, but please visit the  HMRC website for further information.