Why Choose Work-based Qualifications?

Confucius, the fount of wisdom that he was, has certainly summed up perfectly the rationale behind work-based qualifications. Even all those centuries ago the significance of a "hands on" approach to learning was recognised and valued.

Work based learning offers the perfect route to a qualification as it is beneficial to both employer and employee:-

  • The employer gains a confident, inspired member of staff, with all the proven ancillary benefits that brings to the company, such as improved performance and increased productivity.  Extra bonus:  This is achieved with minimum disruption to busy work schedules.
  • The employee gains a recognised national qualification, increasing confidence and self- esteem. He/she benefits from a more comprehensive insight into the operations of the company and perceives with more clarity the impact of his/her job role.  There is an enhancement of transferable skills; clearly beneficial in a volatile jobs market.
  • Work based qualifications may be a route to Membership of prestigious Bodies - a major benefit to both employer and employee.  Useful when completing tenders, and gaining access to building sites.
  • Work based qualifications are equivalent to various academic qualifications.  What a boon this is for the skilled individual who has a wealth of knowledge and experience but whose expertise is not formally recognised!