Learning Assistant Login

JB Management is a proud user of Learning Assistant which is a market-leading e-portfolio system designed to enable your organisation to reach its full potential. Learning Assistant transforms the vocational education management process, allowing you to maximise productivity, increase profitability and enhance the quality of the learning experience.

How Learning Assistant Works

With the Learning Assistant e-portfolio system users connect and interact within a fully supported and collaborative virtual learning environment.

Rather than working with bulky paper portfolios, learners and assessors access a web-based e-portfolio that contains all their relevant course materials. Learners upload evidence to the system allowing those involved in the learning process to plan, give feedback, assess, verify and finally award the qualification.

Smart and functional portfolio building, assessment and communication tools and a host of added value features support and enhance the process, improving the educational experience for all users.

The Benefits of Learning Assistant

Benefits for learners

Learning Assistant will benefit learners by:

  • Improving the learning experience by creating a fully inclusive and supportive virtual learning environment.  
  • Making portfolio management easy by enabling learners to upload and build a portfolio of evidence within a personalised Evidence Folder.   
  • Reducing course delivery time and accelerating progression through the course by facilitating remote and flexible learning.  
  • Providing a rich support base throughout the learning cycle by facilitating the learner-assessor relationship. Through the Contact Diary Learning Assistant delivers a secure, personalised record of learning, including feedback on progress and summaries of one-to-one reviews.
  • Improving collaboration by providing learners with the communication tools to share best practice online in real-time. 

Benefits for employers

Learning Assistant can benefit employers by:

  • Improving employer visibility by granting restricted system access via a personalised log in. 
  • Promoting employer inclusivity through enabling employers to monitor learner progress through the Candidate Manager Tool. 
  • Improving communication between centres and employers. Sophisticated progress reporting tools enable organisations to send out professional progress reports particular to an employer's learners.